Chesney and Sinead agree to give their relationship another chance. Meanwhile in the Bistro a wired Rich demands Robert launder his drugs money or he will reveal Robert’s past to Michelle. Rich grabs a broken bottle as Chesney enters. Rich swings the bottle, slashing Chesney, who collapses to the ground!

Eileen confides in Steve that she’s upset having read Phelan’s old love letters to a previous girlfriend…

Adam announces he’s renting No.10 Victoria Street as his new business premises. He then tells Aidan he took the photo of his illicit kiss with Maria and demands £5k to secure his silence. Aidan tells Eva that he’s booked her an appointment at the doctor’s so they can arrange her first scan.

Todd tells Billy to attend the funeral for Summer’s sake. How will Sally react to discover Gina has wasted the electricity money on a commemorative plate?