Richard tells Gina and John that he doesn’t want to let go of his son, resulting in an outburst from Jett who accuses his father of not wanting him and not wanting anyone else to have him. John suggests the two have a heart-to-heart alone, and Richard tries to reason with Jett but his son is adamant – he wants Gina and John as his parents. Reluctantly, Richard puts Jett’s interests first and agrees to sign the papers.

Maddy is frustrated with Spencer and takes it out on Roo who’s had enough of her attitude. She asks Maddy to finish her assignment after school but the teenager arranges to meet with Sasha at the beach. Roo finds them and feels betrayed, setting Maddy to work at home. After Roo leaves, Alf steps in and makes things clear to Maddy: it’s his house and she has to abide by the rules. If she doesn’t, she’s out.

Sasha tries to convince Rosie that Mullen and his cronies are not real friends but Rosie admits she enjoys the attention. After some straight talking, Rosie seems to take Sasha’s advice but things backfire when Rosie joins the girls and Spencer at the beach. As the other two chat, Spencer tries to lift Rosie’s spirits by telling her she’s a great girl, leading Rosie to get the wrong impression and kiss him. Sasha calms Maddy down and realises that Rosie just wants to feel loved.