Dodgy Richard continues to harass the Napier family by sending Oliver and Declan letters and presents. And Paul is forced to seek legal advice when Richard applies for the Principal’s job at Erinsborough High. But with Rebecca’s criminal case against Richard being dropped through lack of evidence, there are no grounds to issue an Intervention Order against him. Toadie persuades Rebecca to consider a civil case but notes that until Richard slips up, there’s not much they can do. Paul visits Richard to goad him into losing his temper. But the plan fails when Richard keeps his cool.

Oliver offers to buy Carmella a house for her and their baby, but purely as an investment. Carmella accepts, but is hurt by the constant reminder that there’s no future for them as a couple.

Adam dreads facing the police panel who will decide if he has a future in the force. But things go badly when the panel demand to know if he only wants to become a copper to stay in Australia with Pepper.

Also, Declan’s first day at school doesn’t go well.