Frightened Rebecca orders Richard to back off, but he ends up being knocked unconscious. He’s rushed to hospital where his condition rapidly deteriorates. Rebecca is questioned by the police, and finds out that Richard’s kidneys are failing and he desperately needs a transplant.

Once he is stable, Rebecca asks him to confess and clear his conscience, but Richard declares he will die rather than admitting what he did to Rebecca. Overhearing their conversation, Declan says he will donate one of his own kidneys to save Richard’s life, thus ensuring he faces justice.

Pepper is shaken when she’s diagnosed with type 2 cervical dysplasia, and requires an immediate medical procedure. Things become worse when she realises Adam’s new police partner is Sophie, a girl who she didn’t get along with at school.

Susan returns from Brisbane with a new golf obsession, and it’s not long before she and Karl are getting seriously competitive.

Also, when biker chick Steph turns up to her first council meeting in leathers, her stuffy fellow councillors refuse to take her seriously, and Rosie rushes off to Rome to be with her dying aunt.