Elaine is shocked to bump into Richard at the Mill. Before she can accuse him of stalking her, he goes into a meeting with Julia. Later he explains he is setting up a clinic at the Mill, and continues to apologise for yesterday.

He tells her a little about himself and explains how he just wants to get to know her. Elaine refuses – she’s not ready. Richard regretfully makes an exit, leaving Elaine with his number.

Later, Elaine bumps into Cherry who’s had a tiff with Jimmi. She recommends Cherry just trusts Jimmi and jumps in both feet first. Cherry follows Elaine’s advice, something Elaine fails to do herself.

Jack meets Tony at the gym but struggles to keep up. Tony is helpful, but Jack’s pride gets the better of him and he stomps out. He returns to the halls and starts typing a headline on the computer ‘Meatheads on Campus’ with an evil grin on his face.

Student Sasha deliberately hasn’t slept for two nights. She proudly reveals her secret to Immie, but she is far from impressed.

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