Richie catches Billy and Eva as they try to rescue Marta

The O’Driscolls are furious to find Billy and Eva about to escape with Marta and when Billy threatens to call the police, Richie pins Eva up against a wall. Aidan suddenly arrives and comes to Eva’s rescue by punching Richie. Desperate to save his own skin, Richie offers to pay for Marta’s return to Poland if they promise not to call the police.

Anna finally reveals the awful truth about her ordeal with Phelan to a horrified Kevin. Meanwhile Pat and Eileen walk arm in arm past Kevin and Anna in the street. Pat suggests they should have dinner sometime and Kevin seethes, before turning to Anna and suggesting they start again.

In a panic, Kylie approaches a sparked-out Freddie, but he eventually stirs and explains that he had some friends over for a drink to give Sadie a proper send off. Kylie’s overcome with relief but her heart goes out to him.

After Eileen breaks the news that she and Pat are now an item, Michael drowns his sorrows and Gail tries to contain her glee.