Rick and Cameron rob The Dog!

Darren has returned from Spain and, with the pub in desperate need of a bar manager while Frankie and Jack are visiting Debbie, Nancy hires Rick. Cameron’s given food for thought when Rick offers to help him steal from The Dog. Outside, Darren’s set up a festive stall selling egg-nog and mince pies and Nancy’s so furious she throws a tray of mince pies at Darren. Nancy and Leela go out for a meal, leaving Rick in charge of the pub and its takings. Later, Cameron and Rick break into the pub. Will they be spotted?

Meanwhile, when Patrick overhears Nancy urging Dodger to tell Maxine that Patrick has Minnie, he decides to tell her himself. Patrick tells Maxine she can either plead guilty to attempted murder for a shorter sentence – or fight him and never see Minnie again!

With Jason in hospital following the big fight, Celine questions his behaviour. She’s shocked when she discovers some hidden food inside his pillow. Can she help him?

Also, Sienna panics when Nico goes missing from her hospital bed.