Rick tells Jason that he’s taking him home and he’s going to sort Sonny out. They pull up outside the police station and Rick spots Sandy for the first time talking to Sonny. Rick turns up at the McQueens and drags Sonny outside before dealing a heavy punch, which leaves him unconscious. Jason asks Rick to hang around and see Robbie. Rick tells Jason he’s going out for some beers, but it’s clear he’s not planning on coming back. Jason goes to see Holly but she’s already moved on… with Dodger.

At the Lomaxes, Sienna apologises but Peri tells them all she wishes she could have gone away with Sienna forever. Sam has no choice but to ask Sienna to leave. Leela catches Sienna putting Peri’s passport back in the drawer and realises she was planning to kidnap her. Sienna pleads with her to listen and stuns Leela when she tells her that Peri is her daughter. Leela tells Sienna it’s not true because Peri is her daughter.

Leela tells Sienna about her failed romance with the love-of-her-life, Mickey, and pleads with her to keep her secret about Peri. After hearing Sienna’s heart-breaking story, she offers to help her look for Sophie.

In an effort to live life to the full, Dennis tells Blessing that he’d marry her now if she wanted to. She rejects him and storms out of the boarding house before revealing a secret to a shocked Tony.