Rick takes Rita hostage!

It’s the morning of Rita’s wedding and Tommy’s going through with Rick’s job. Unable to take any more Tina dashes to the the garage determined to stop Tommy. Grabbing the holdall of drugs and a nearby petrol can she jumps into the car and drives off before Tommy can stop her. Arriving at the Red Rec she calls Rick revealing she has his drugs and he’ll have to come and meet her in person. Warning a horrified Tommy to get away from the garage until she gives him the all-clear Tina waits for Rick.

With romance in the air Sylvia can’t help making snide remarks. Roy’s unimpressed, but Sylvia admits that all this talk of weddings has made her realise how much she misses Milton. Meanwhile, as Dennis heads to the register office he hopes that Rita really has forgiven him for last night!

The whole street’s out getting ready for the Jubilee fancy dress party as Karl reminds Sunita of their plan to sneak off. Telling Dev she’s going to fetch some cold drinks she beckons Karl into the shop. But when Dev goes after her he almost catches them in the act.

Also, there are still sparks between Anna and Owen; Marcus agrees to accompany Maria and Liam to the party.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

As Dennis waits for Rita at the register office, Rick heads to the Red Rec – with Rita in his car! He arrives to find Tina holding the bag and petrol can and she threatens to burn the drugs as she wants him off their backs. But when Rick opens the door of his car to reveal Rita she’s floored. He tells Tina to return the drugs to Tommy or he’ll drive Rita into the canal. Rita demands to know what’s going on and Tina’s forced to reveal all, but Rita’s not intimidated by Rick and, spurred on, Tina holds a lighter to the drugs saying if he doesn’t hand over Rita she’ll torch it all. Realising that Tina’s serious Rick releases Rita.

Karl’s forced to hide behind the counter as Dev comes into the shop looking for Sunita. Confused as to why the door was locked Dev still doesn’t get suspicious.

Sylvia’s been Skyping Milton and she reveals that he’s asked her again to go over to America. Roy tells her to follow her heart.

Also, Faye gives her approval for Anna and Owen to get back together; Maria thanks Marcus for helping with Liam and she suggests a bottle of wine at hers.