Rick turns his menaces to Tina!

Tina’s horrified to discover that Terry and Tommy are in debt to Rick. As they walk in Rick casually repeats his demands for more cash, pointing out that when it comes to Tina next time he might not be so friendly. Tina’s shaken as she rails at Tommy for lying to her abut Terry’s debts. As she reveals it was Rick who pushed her dad to his death, Tommy’s mortified. Gleaning that Rick won’t leave them alone until he’s got his money Tommy asks Terry what he proposes to do next. But when he reveals his plan to get Rick off their backs, both Tommy and Tina are aghast.

Lesley’s wrist has been damaged, but when Paul has a falling out with the care home manager about how Lesley came to wander off he ends up removing her from the home. Eileen offers to sacrifice her holiday.

When Karl turns up Sunita’s, admitting he needs her, Sunita’s flattered. Unable to resist temptation they fall into a passionate clinch. As Sunita wonders if this is another ‘one-off’ Karl wants to embark on an affair.

Also, a drunk David tries to give a horrified Eva the come-on; Kirsty gets the girls’ backs up before she even starts work.