Rick’s return shocks the Roscoes

The Roscoes are shocked when Rick returns and tells them he’s buying a pub nearby. Jason is busted when Rick sees him with drugs but accepts Jason’s excuse that he’s looking after them for a mate. Meanwhile, Joe asks Freddie to help him get rid of Rick. Freddie refuses so Joe finds out Rick’s bar in Southport has been repossessed and tells Sandy. In retaliation, Rick reveals that he was made to leave all those years ago because Joe and Freddie left him for dead.

Sam visits Cameron and tells him if he doesn’t cancel Leela’s visit, she’ll make sure he stays in prison for another 15 years. Leela waits at the prison to see Cameron, but he refuses to see her. Leela returns home after seemingly being stood up and concedes that Sam and Danny are the better parents for Peri.

It’s awkward for Sinead and Tony after they kissed last night. Sinead sends an abusive text to Blessing from Finn’s phone. An upset Blessing then overhears Dennis telling Dodger he can’t stand by her and decides that it’s over. Later, Tony and Sinead share stories and Tony leans in for another kiss. Sinead tells Sonny about the latest development with the O’Connors and decides she’s going to make Tony fall in love with her.

The doctor tells Cindy, Dirk and Holly that Hilton’s body is rejecting the bone marrow and he needs an operation. Later, Cindy is shocked by the arrival of a familiar face…