Ricky and Heath help a badly injured Andy

Heath finds Nate helping an injured Andy and offers their house as a place to treat him. Heath tells Bianca that he feels guilty over the Braxton/Barrett divide, and he won’t turn his back on Andy. Ricky warms to Nate and notes they both have a connection to the Barretts.

Bianca tries to talk to Matt about the fire, but he remains vague. She tells him she knows about Montgomery talking to Matt, but he lashes out at Bianca, who reconciles that even though things are hectic at the house with the Barretts, she loves Heath.

Zac and Oscar mend their bridges but Evelyn’s still dealing with the fact that Ethan chose Murray over his kids. Hannah tells Evelyn that Ethan may still change. Later, as they’re pleased with their ‘parenting’ they share a sexually charged moment. Just as the kids are settling in to a ‘normal’ experience of family, Ethan appears.

Josh and Maddy are worried about how Roo is coping with Harvey still missing. Josh regrets the way he and Andy spoke last, and he also wants to move out of Roo’s house. Josh sleeps on the beach and is woken by Heath – time for the brothers to reunite. Josh is shocked that his brother’s been stabbed.