After finally getting together, Ricky and Nate want to get to know one another. They head out to the beach to take photos when they run into Casey, who can’t help but be saddened by how much things have changed. After reflecting, Casey decides to mount a new search for Brax through the prison system.

Maddy pleads with Roo and Harvey to work things out, but Roo explains it’s over. When Harvey reveals he wants to leave Summer Bay, Spencer loses it, Harvey’s just running away. Harvey bites back – he doesn’t need Spencer to judge him.

Bianca’s worried when she forgets Darcy’s coming over, but Heath explains that Bianca’s having trouble with her memory. He’s touched when she offers to look out for Bianca when they’re at school, but Bianca’s concerned that Darcy will tell everyone at school.

Bianca wants to put off starting school tomorrow, but Heath tells he’ll carry her there if he has to. She’s got to do this for herself, and for Darcy. Heartened by his support, Bianca’s more positive and reconciles with Darcy, explaining her fears about her memory. It’s a warm moment between them… until Darcy spots her friends and runs off to join them. Bianca’s amused.