Ricky and Tamara are kidnapped by Adam

Dex visits Casey and smuggles in a mobile phone. Casey calls Tamara and asks her to see him. She’s delighted, but while on her way to see him she’s kidnapped by Adam’s men. Kyle, Brax and Heath come to see Casey, who doesn’t know why Tamara hasn’t shown up. At Adam’s, Ricky threatens to tell Brax everything when she’s also taken prisoner.

Heath and Kyle investigate who could be coming after them after Ricky admits she’s played a part in this – but only to save Brax’s life.

Kyle and Heath have warned Tamara about what’s going on and she’s disgusted with Kyle and Ricky. Heath and Brax decided they have to convince her that they need to stick together, otherwise Brax could be killed. Brax visits Casey in his cell, and Casey tells him to keep Tamara safe.

Dex decides to talk to April about his discomfort with her placement at his workplace, but April interrupts him with excitement – she, Dex and Sid are all going to work together! Dex tells her he doesn’t think it’s a good idea. April reveals that if they set up rules and boundaries, they should be able to work together without driving each other mad.