Ricky books marriage counselling

It's desperate measures for Ricky and Nate

Nate decides to go for a run but when he bumps into Tori it’s obvious that Nate is worried about Ricky’s return. When Nate gets home, he gets a pleasant surprise, as Ricky is in an upbeat mood. However, things turn sour when Ricky tells Nate she’s booked them in for a marriage counseling session.

Later, the victims of a shooting some into A&E and when Tori is left shaken and unable to treat the wounded patients Nate steps inand leads the department – but misses his counselling session with Ricky.

Meanwhile, Ricky is sitting alone in the therapist’s office waiting for Nate and when she realises he’s not coming, she breaks down.

Maddy is excited about her plans to travel, but its clear that Roo and Matt don’t feel the same way. Roo tells Alf that she’s not ready for Maddy to leave, while Matt confides in Andy about leaving behind a life he finally feels settled in. Yet in a snap decision, Matt changes his mind and decides to go travelling with Maddy but he soon regrets it.