Ricky can’t get through to Brax

Ricky is furious with Brax for not taking the plea deal. To rub salt in the wound, Ricky tells Brax that Ash has betrayed him by making a play for Denny. The tension filled visit leaves Ricky in tears as she fears for Brax’s life while he is in prison.

Denny and Ash meet after his shift, where he explains nothing can happen between them because he promised Brax. Denny says she understands, but she is ready to move on. The pair kiss passionately and agree to take things slow.

Kyle fears Pheobe is not over being kidnapped and is proven right when Phoebe jumps out of her skin as Ricky arrives home. Phoebe admits she can’t sleep, as she’s scared Ryan will come back.

Kat has concerns when she realises that Nate has history with Ricky. The pair go for a date at Angelo’s, where she forces Nate to give her all the details. Satisfied with his answer, the pair go back to his place where things move to the bedroom.