Ricky dates a Bianca lookalike

Ricky gets a hot date, but he’s disappointed when Bianca isn’t jealous. Ricky walks into the pub with ginger-haired Fiona and Peggy points out she looks like Bianca. Ricky cuts the date short when he gets a text from Bianca asking him to come home. Ricky is left gutted when an excited Bianca tells him that her banged-up boyfriend Tony is due for release at the end of the week.

Tanya receives the draft petition for the divorce and when Max turns up at the house she tells him she doesn’t want an argument. Tanya is surprised when Max tells her that he won’t contest the divorce as he wants to make her happy, but Jack is suspicious. Meanwhile, Max moves in with Suzy and suggests a housewarming party but he’s clearly up to something.

Callum finds out that Stacey is going to the Fightercise class with Danielle and Bradley. Stacey is stunned when she arrives to discover that Callum is the instructor. Stacey can’t help but notice that Callum is looking good in his workout gear, while Bradley is wearing an ill-fitting sci-fi t-shirt. Uncomfortable with her feelings, Stacey makes her excuses and leaves.

Also, Jane sneaks off on another mystery date; Archie offers Billy some bar work.

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