Ricky’s arm is still giving him trouble and a concerned Martin’s furious to hear that it’s all down to a teacher at school. Duncan’s alarmed by Ricky’s downbeat manner and decides to follow him home. Pandemonium breaks out when Kris also arrives, and fears grow that the truth about Martin’s illness will out.

Kris starts sniffing round and Ricky’s terrified, but Duncan saves the day when he manages to cause a distraction. Martin’s furious to discover the teacher responsible for assaulting Ricky is in his home, however, confronting Kris leads to tragic consequences.

Josh finds himself covered in blood and still drunk from the night before. A passing Kris decides he needs hospital treatment, and Josh finds himself face to face with his mum. Her ranting strikes a chord and Josh finds himself sobering up. Suzanne finally relents and allows him home.

Also, Archie approaches Elliot for money but he refuses to budge. With his dependency on legal highs growing, Elliot finds himself facing the wrath of Nancy when she discovers Charlie with a handful of tablets. Believing Archie is responsible, Nancy wastes no time in confronting him, while Elliot is aware he’s dropping Archie in it. Held over a barrel, Elliot feels he has no option than to lie.

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