Duncan’s 16th birthday bash at The Loft begins as the TV cameras descend. Duncan’s thrilled when Ricky arrives, but when Ricky points out that Theresa is only using Duncan things turn sour and he leaves. DJ Rae is miffed to spot Newt arriving with Lauren and lets her jealousy show. Duncan realises that his party is nothing without Ricky, and heads off to make amends.

Tony finally succeeds in persuading Cindy to go home and rest, but angers her when he chooses to go into work. As Cindy takes some time out, Darren pays her a visit. Cindy breaks down revealing to Darren how scared she is.

Tony has found a shoulder to cry on in Theresa. When Cindy catches them looking a little too close she storms off. Tony charges after her and a row ensues. Darren immediately springs to Cindy’s defence. Rejecting both men, Cindy finds herself alone at the hospital.

Frankie overhears Loretta doubting Jake, and asks her to leave. When they bump into each other in the village Frankie tells her that she will hold her personally responsible if Jake fails to return. Meanwhile, Jake is playing happy families with a mystery woman and a little boy.

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