Bianca plans a romantic evening for Ricky and is gutted when Ricky doesn’t arrive home. Meanwhile, Peggy finds Sam at Archie’s and Sam pleads that she’s desperate and Archie offered to help her stay. Sam confesses to Peggy that her bloke in Rio forced her to be a table dancer and she wants to start again with Ricky in Walford. Bianca heads to the Vic to find Ricky and is devastated when she overhears Peggy announcing Ricky and Sam’s engagement!

Chelsea collects her scratch card winnings and decides to buy a designer handbag. Janine and Ryan challenge each other to divest Chelsea of as much money as possible. Janine finds a designer knock-off in the market and convinces Chelsea that the bag is the real deal and her friend is selling it half price but Ryan scuppers Janine’s plan and tells Chelsea it’s a fake.

Manda prepares for the arrival of her son Adam. Meanwhile, Minty sees Sam, who writes down her number on his shopping list and draws a heart with her name inside. Minty throws away Sam’s note just as Adam arrives. The men get on well but later Adam finds Sam’s note in the bin.

Also, Masood discovers Amira has Trina’s bracelet and returns it to Lucas.

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