Has Ricky given up on her marriage?

Ricky tells Nate that she regrets marrying him

Ricky turns up the hospital on Nate’s lunch break. On route, she receives a text from Nate to say he’s stuck in a meeting. However, in the hospital corridor, Ricky hears Nate giggling with Tori. When Nate gets home, Ricky confronts him about lying and they come to blows.

Phoebe is fuming after catching Ash and Kat in the act and makes it clear that Kat has broken the unspoken rule of dating your friend’s ex. Later, Ash tells Dom not to give up on Phoebe, because she’s worth the hassle. After thinking it over, Phoebe gives Kat and Ash her blessing.

Phoebe meets up with Dom and he admits that he should have disciplined Bella, but until he’s sure about Phoebe and their relationship, he wants space.

Olivia and Hunter are kissing in his caravan, when Olivia suddenly leaves. Hunter confides in VJ about Olivia’s behaviour, while Olivia looks at the fresh cuts on her tights. Later, Hunter and Olivia meet up and Olivia admits that she is self-harming again.