Ricky visits Bianca in prison and comes clean about losing all his money. Bianca is furious with Ricky, especially when she realises the family house is at risk. Bianca tells Ricky she hates him and he leaves dejected. Ricky sees Mandy on the way home and they reminisce over a bottle of wine. Mandy offers Ricky half an illicit pill and has to take him to hospital when he has a panic attack. Mandy takes him back to the Square and they share a kiss.

Roxy is stunned when Jack cancels her access day with Amy after lying to the social worker that he’s too unwell for the visit. Roxy begs Jack not to make Amy suffer because he’s fallen out with Phil, but he slams the door in her face. Roxy pleads with Phil to call off the feud with Jack, but he’s too preoccupied to listen.

Whitney is stunned when Fat Boy gets her a car as a belated birthday present, adorned with a ‘Fats’ and ‘Whit’ sticker. Whitney tells Fat Boy she’s not his girl and storms off. Whitney later confesses to Tyler she doesn’t want to feel owned. Tyler encourages Whitney to make up with Fat Boy and says not every bloke she meets is going to hurt her.