Ricky has to pretend he’s with Bianca

Bianca tells the social worker that she and the children are moving in with Pat and spins an even bigger lie when she pretends she’s back together with Ricky. A worried Ricky turns up at social services and is forced to go along with the pretence. Bianca apologises to Pat for being rude and Pat agrees to let her and the kids stay. Ricky and Bianca are soon embroiled in another row and it’s clear life isn’t going to be peaceful!

Jack goes for a drink with Tanya and she notices him staring forlornly at Ronnie. Tanya tells Ronnie that she’s never seen Jack look so in love. Ronnie has food for thought and when she sees Jack she apologises for being a cow to him. Jack moves in for a kiss and Ronnie doesn’t pull away…

Shirley and Phil are interrupted by Peggy before Phil can respond to her revelation. Vinnie, meanwhile, buys champagne and roses in his campaign to win her over. Shirley wants Phil to tell her how he feels but he is distant. Shirley is confronted by Vinnie and she makes her choice – she’s sticking with him.

Also, Jack sacks Sean for dealing drugs at the club; Gus spends time with Keisha.

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