Ricky impresses Roxy at the speed-dating event

Bianca is surprised when she discovers that her name is on the speed-dating list. Bianca finds out that Janine put her name down and is about to cross her name off when Ricky challenges her to see who can get the most dates. Ricky kicks one of the speed daters out of the pub when he makes a pass at Roxy and Roxy is impressed. At the end of the night, the only name on Bianca’s card is Ricky’s.

Dot prepares to interview potential lodgers. Dot is unimpressed with the first applicant. An interview with a later applicant seems to go well, until the gentleman in question makes a pass at her! Dot finally tells Bradley that she’s found someone to move in who has met with her approval – Libby’s gran Liz.

Mo tells Charlie that she saw him in the summerhouse. Charlie reveals that he’s been learning to play the French horn to impress Brenda. Charlie struggles through a tune for Brenda and is gutted when Brenda tells Charlie she thinks they should split up. Mo confronts Brenda for hurting Charlie. Brenda confesses that she’s moving abroad with her family.

Also, Ronnie confesses to Roxy that she has feelings for Joel; Janine tells Ryan about Tony abusing Whitney.

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