It’s an emotional moment when Ricky introduces the latest Braxton member to Kyle, Ash and Denny. When Ash and Denny leave, Ash apologies for lying. Later, Denny confides in Hannah that she can’t get past Ash’s lies, but Hannah tells her she needs to take a risk.

Hannah and Phoebe find out that Ricky has had the baby, but Phoebe doesn’t want to go to the hospital. Why? She doesn’t envision a happy reunion with Kyle. The next day, Phoebe picks up some belongings for Ricky, but is hurt when she sees Kyle and Billie together.

Kyle overhears Phoebe telling Ricky that their relationship is over for good, as she knows he’s slept Billie. Billie tells Denny to forgive her brother because he’s loyal person. Denny sends Ash a text asking to speak and, when they meet up, they share a passionate kiss.

Meanwhile, Kyle tracks Phoebe down at the beach, but she’s not interested, their relationship is over in her eyes.