Ricky leaves Walford

Ricky tells Carol that he’s leaving tonight. The kids overhear and are upset. Liam bumps into Eddie, who advises him not to be too hard on his dad for leaving. Tiff and Morgan want to stage a protest to stop Ricky going. Liam talks them round. Ricky tells the family he can’t bear to leave them. The family rally round and offer their support. Ricky says his goodbyes and leaves for Dubai.

Kat isn’t happy about having Eddie around, but they soon find common ground. Alfie’s surprised to see the pair getting on. Michael has been downing drinks since seeing his father. Roxy tries to talk to him about Eddie, but he refuses to discuss him. Eddie turns up to a fight at the gym. Michael offers Eddie money to stay away from him. He then sees Eddie laughing with Roxy and Alfie and is hurt.

Max calls Tanya, but she puts the phone down when Greg enters the room. Vanessa prepares an anniversary gift for Max and is disappointed when he hurries off before she can give it to him. Vanessa tells Max when she finds out that Lauren has a crush on Ryan. Vanessa prepares a romantic dinner, but Max is at Tanya’s talking about Lauren and the meal is ruined.