Ricky sets Brax up

Ricky tells Brax she is falling for him and they sleep together, but Ricky is hiding something. Meanwhile, Kyle’s finding it hard to deal with Casey and Tamara’s PDAs, and Brax warns Kyle not to stir Casey up. Ricky organises to meet Kyle at Angelo’s after closing and gives him an envelope, telling him where to take it to do the hand over.

Kyle sets out and is approached by a tattoo-clad thug, who gives him a package in exchange for the envelope… and Ricky secretly takes photographs of the exchange. The next day, Kyle takes the package to Ricky who gives him the 25k, which he intends to use to get Brax out of debt. Later, when Brax leaves for work, Ricky plants the package from Kyle in Casey and Tamara’s flat. Her guilt is obviously hurting her.

Zac’s concerned about Lachlan’s interest in Rosie. Sasha tries to encourage Rosie to continue doing self-defence classes with her, but Rosie isn’t interested as it brings up the memory of the assault. Maddy and Sasha lend their support but Lachlan turns up to watch the self-defence class and is questioned by Zac. Lachlan arcs up when Zac mentions Mullens, telling Zac he’s not his friend.