Nate brings Ricky home from the hospital but she’s struggling with the loss of her baby. When Tamara talks to Leah about Kyle dismissing her, Leah points out that she doesn’t really have any friends who aren’t Braxtons. Ricky then overhears as Nate asks Kyle why Ricky is still living in the house of the man who dumped her, so Ricky packs her things and leaves. The next morning, Nate finds Ricky and she tells him she needs to let Brax go. But after hearing Ricky on the phone to Heath, Nate realises she is a part of that family.

Heath learns that Bianca has lost her short-term memory and struggles as he constantly repeats himself. It’s killing him to see his strong wife so vulnerable, but reads to her as she falls asleep. The next morning, Bianca talks to Heath about something he’d mentioned to her the night before and Heath is ecstatic.  

Roo is struggling when Harvey still isn’t returning her calls. She checks his bank accounts online and falls apart as she realises she’s spying on her own husband.

At the Diner, Marilyn tries to apologise for acting too ‘coupley’ around her and invites Roo to a girl’s night in. Meanwhile, back at the house, Harvey has returned home…