Ricky tells Janine his secret

Janine promises Tiff that she can have Terence if she pretends to be her daughter on the play date with Rupert and his daughter Portia. Bianca is horrified when she sees Tiffany apparently getting into a car with a strange man and furiously confronts Janine. Rupert is stunned when he realises that Janine lied to him and Janine angrily confronts Ricky about Bianca ruining her deal. Janine wants to know why Ricky is so concerned about Tiffany and he blurts out that Tiffany is his daughter…

Ronnie is devastated when she discovers that Roxy has invited Jack to be her ‘date’ at Peggy and Archie’s wedding so that he can help her with Amy. Archie urges Ronnie to rise above it and attend the wedding as Peggy’s bridesmaid. Archie is thrilled when Ronnie agrees. Meanwhile, Danielle writes a wedding card to Peggy and Archie signed ‘from your granddaughter’.

Bradley is annoyed that Max’s advice to lie to Syd has got him in a pickle and he accuses Max of ruining their fledgling relationship. Bradley takes the plunge and confesses to Syd that he’s lost his job and he’s delighted when she gives him a kiss.

Also, Jean applies for a checkout job; a mysterious figure steals Chops the pig.

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