Ricky thinks Ash is hiding something

Brax and Ash’s bromance began in…. prison! Ash is trying to track down his sister, so Brax agrees to help and offers him the couch but Ricky isn’t happy and wants to know more. Refusing to speak, Brax heads to Casey’s grave revealing a dark secret.

When Roo finds out Maddy was sacked for stealing she reluctantly agrees to pay off her debt. Roo suggests she should go back to school, but Maddy refuses. Roo warns her that no one will hire her now she’s known as thief. Maddy is touched when Evelyn encourages her to come back to school. 

When Leah tells VJ that Tyson is expelled he doesn’t exactly jump for joy. Zac offers to speak to him, but he refuses to open up. They both realise that he is feeling guilty and reassure him he’s not to blame for Nate’s injuries.

Fed up of her indecisiveness, Oscar tells Evelyn she has to sort things out with Josh on her own. Evelyn speaks to Josh and things get very intimate, causing her to run off and leave him even more confused.