Martin’s rushed to hospital and when Kris finally learns of his MS, he tries to persuade Ricky to get help. In a bid to get through to him, Kris tells him about his experiences with his own dad. But Ricky reminds Kris of his injured arm, and threatens to tell Social Services Kris purposefully hurt him.

Josh’s best efforts to make amends with his Dad are leaving the atmosphere tense. Suzanne tries to make the best of things, but it only begins to put a strain on her relationship with Neville and it doesn’t go unnoticed by Josh. Josh is determined to make a change but finds it increasingly difficult when it becomes apparent nobody has any faith in him.

Charlotte’s contemplating their first year of university and her thoughts soon turn to relationships. She’s baffled by Dave’s lax attitude towards pursuing a relationship, however, his head is turned when Laura, dressed as a playboy bunny, arrives. Unfortunately Charlotte’s stuck with a drunk Dave and Laura. However, things look up when Laura tells Charlotte she likes girls and boys.

Also; Newt reassures Rae that he understands her woes even if Ste doesn’t; Ravi notices the bond between Ste and Rae and encourages him to ask her out.

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