Ricky visits Brax in prison and tells him that his lawyer is still working on the appeal for him to be re-tried as a juvenile. Ricky breaks down when Brax is taken away at the end of their time.

As Spencer is rushed to hospital, Evelyn tells Oscar, Zac and Hannah that she has proof on her phone of the Discovery Weekend, and although she agrees to hand it to the police she’s worried it will incriminate her father. Zac goes to the lodge to tell Ethan that Evelyn is safe. The police arrive and arrest both Murray and Ethan. Later, Oscar and Evelyn collect their mother’s belongings.

Winston tells the authorities he doesn’t know where Harvey fell overboard. Meanwhile, Spencer admits that he went to the lodge because he was trying to find a non-medical way to deal with his bi-polar. Nate tries to convince Spencer that the best option is for him to go back on his medication and that he should call Chris.

Josh is released from hospital and when Ricky tells Josh that she’s going to see Brax, it’s evident Josh is upset. Later, Maddy and Josh are getting very cosy on the couch as Alf arrives back. But Roo is lived when she finds out that Marilyn called him, to tell him about Harvey.