Ricky visits Brax in prison

After kissing Ash, Denny seeks Ricky’s advice but doesn’t get the sympathetic ear she hoped for. Kyle reveals that Brax asked Ash to stay away from Denny, which makes Ricky even angrier. When Ricky finally visits Brax you could cut the tension with a knife.

Ash is racked with guilt after his kiss with Denny and decides to end things. Denny is disappointed, so Oscar tells her that if she likes him, she should fight for him. So Denny heads to Angelo’s to confront Ash and refuses to leave until he talks to her.

Matt tells Josh he doesn’t want Sasha to throw away her opportunity because of him. When Sasha finds out Evelyn and Josh have taken their relationship to the next level, it inspires Sasha to fight even harder for Matt.

Oscar becomes turns into the super protective brother when he finds out Evelyn and Josh have slept together. He warns Josh not to hurt Evelyn and when Evelyn finds out, she is touched by the gesture.