Ric’s back!

It’s New Year’s Eve, and consultant Ric Griffin returns unannounced from Australia. He expects to pick up from where he left off but, with Serena now running AAU, he’s left struggling to find his place on Keller. Ric’s already unimpressed at having to work with Adele, and the pair clash when Adele seemingly jumps to the wrong conclusion over a patient. Ric tears a strip off Adele for her hasty and unfounded guesswork, but soon finds himself having to defend his actions to Hanssen, who makes him realise he may not be at his best himself. Later, Ric softens towards Adele and offers to mentor her through the rest of her nurse’s training. It seems an unlikely friendship has begun…

Resigned to spending another New Year’s Eve alone, Serena has thrown herself into her work when former flame, firearms officer Robbie, turns up on AAU. When Robbie tries to question one of her patients, Serena wants him off the ward and out of her life. But when Robbie’s suspicions are proved right, Serena decides to give him a chance. Could 2016 be the year of romance for Serena?

Also, having decided to give up looking for Mr Right and have a baby on her own, Mo focuses on finding a sperm donor. When Mr T suggests himself as the perfect candidate, a shocked Mo initially refuses. But, knowing Mr T has all the wonderful qualities she’d want the ‘father’ of her child to have, Mo finally gives in… it looks like they’re going to have a baby!