Ric Griffin could be facing the fight of his life, when we realise that he’s waiting to discover if he’s got cancer. Having been distracted and irritable at work for some time, the reason behind his moods is revealed when he’s shown going for a CT scan with the hospital’s cancer specialist.

While waiting for the results, Ric doesn’t take a break from duties and throws himself into his job – even getting rival Michael’s back up by refusing some funding for a Holby Care project. But he can’t put off the inevitable for ever and when the day draws to a close he takes a call from his doctor who has his results. As he listens down the phone, Ric learns his fate, but we’re still kept in the dark. Does Ric have cancer?

Elsewhere, Faye pushes new fiance Linden further away when she makes their engagement a very public affair; Connie double-crosses Greg…