Ric’s consumed with guilt

Ric is instantly struck with guilt at waking up next to Viv, and when Cassie learns he didn’t come home, heads to the caravan to confront him. Viv denies Ric is with her and slams the door in Cassie’s face. Later, Cassie confronts Ric, but he denies anything happened and points out that Matilda is not the only one who is hurt from the break-up.

Ric and Viv agree that their night together was a one-off, and Viv declares she’s going to give her marriage another go. But just as it seems Ric has got away scot free, Cassie finds his tie amongst the bedclothes in Viv’s caravan and is furious. Meanwhile, Ric is on the verge of making things up with Matilda and asks Cassie to keep quiet, telling her she’ll only hurt Matilda. Cassie is left torn between telling her friend the truth and saving her from heartbreak.

Enjoying having the town house to themselves, Lewis proposes that he and Rachel move in together. Surprised, Rachel considers the idea, but after a few dizzy spells, discovers she’s pregnant.

Also, Sally worries that Pippa is missing her father-figure Brad.

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