Maddy decides to up her game and prove she can be a good doctor. But when she clears out Tom’s locker and finds a bag full of heroin, Ric walks in and nearly catches her. Maddy is shocked to discover this side to Tom, and worried that Ric assumes she was the same. Keen to show her worth, she ends up nervously making a mistake with a patient and Ric is furious. But Maddy is now even more determined to win back Ric’s respect – if she doesn’t she’s out!

Lalaine hears that their mother has broken her hip so she has to go home. Daisha is going to miss her help with baby Joe. Lalaine suggests she take Joe back with her with the Philippines, but Daisha isn’t sure she can part with her child. Mark tells Lalaine she can’t take baby Joe away. But when Lalaine explains to him that she lost her own baby a month ago, Mark tells her she must tell Daisha.

Connie tells Michael he needs to prepare Annalese for the possibility she may lose her job, but Michael can’t bring himself to tell his wife the brutal truth. Instead he tells her they will carry on the fight…!