Ric’s unexcited by Matilda’s uni news

While Ric and Alf are busy making plans for the bait shop, Matilda is still trying to pluck up the courage to break the news of her university offer to Ric. However, when she finally comes clean, Ric’s reaction disappoints her. Instead of jumping at the chance to move away, Ric doesn’t want to give up the opportunity of running the bait shop with Alf. Frustrated and angry, Matilda tells him she is going to Perth, with or without him.

Kirsty is initially hesitant when Bartlett offers her a secretarial job at the school. But when Colleen offers to mind Ollie for her, Kirsty tells Bartlett she has changed her mind. However, after she accepts the job, she starts to worry that her secretarial skills might not be up to scratch.

Charlie and Ross are still concerned about Ruby’s relationship with Pat but Ross thinks it’s too early to interfere. Meanwhile, as Ruby prepares for her first day at Summer Bay High, Pat’s search for a new job goes nowhere and he starts to think his future may lie elsewhere. Later, Ruby is stunned when Pat tells her he is leaving Summer Bay for good having decided they do not have a future together.

*Showing on RTE One, Monday September 1*

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