Ric’s zero-tolerance policy runs into crisis

Ric has a meeting with MP Chris Unsworth about his zero-tolerance policy and is cracking down hard on every patient. Connie fusses over an overweight patient, Steve Hewitt, but Ric tells him to leave and come back when he’s lost weight and given up smoking. Jayne tells Ric that Steve is a charity chairman who donates funds to Holby, but Ric sticks to his guns. When Hewitt has a massive crisis, Ric’s policy seems at fault.

Annalese’s suspicions are aroused when she catches Michael on the phone. When she asks who called, Michael says Ric. But then she asks Ric if he rang Michael, and he says he didn’t. Later in theatre, Annalese asks Donna why she has the same necklace as her. Michael says it was a coincidence, but Annalese doesn’t believe him. As they leave the theatre, she grabs Michael’s phone and calls the number that rang him that morning. Donna’s phone starts to ring. Is it game over?

Maria, Tom and Maddy have had a massive night out but try to keep working. Ric asks Tom for the research he requested months ago, so Tom begs Maria to help him with the facts and figures. Although Maria’s a whiz with the computer, she has the mother of all hangovers and can’t cope. Tom finishes it in 10 minutes, but has clearly faked the figures.