Vin Diesel returns as glowering, fugitive convict antihero Riddick for the third time, following 1999’s Pitch Black and 2004’s The Chronicles of Riddick.

Using the formula of the first film, here he’s stranded on an inhospitable planet where he survives various brushes with the lethal local fauna and then, in need of a spaceship, sets off a beacon that brings in Jordi Molià and Matt Nable’s teams of bounty hunters, who are keen to capture him.

Meanwhile, lying in wait are hordes of ferocious monsters that emerge when it’s wet – and a storm’s brewing…

Using a mix of CGI and animatronics, director David Twohy stages the gory action with plenty of flair and, among a cast of disposable characters, Katee Sackhoff stands out as a laconic sniper – but really this is Diesel’s show all the way.