Riley and Oliver compete for Elle

Elle is disgusted when Riley and Oliver’s rivalry over her descends into a brawl at the finish line of the half-marathon. Warning Oliver that she is not a prize to be won, she tells him that she’s disappointed in both of them, and makes it clear that neither man is worthy of her.

Despite Toadie’s warnings that pleading guilty may land her in prison, Susan is determined to take her just desserts, although Karl does his best to change her mind. Surely she doesn’t want to punish the whole family? Susan insists she’s simply taking responsibility for her actions instead of dragging the traumatised Parkers through a long and drawn-out court case. In desperation, Karl asks the Parkers to convince Susan to fight for her freedom. But can angry Miranda be persuaded?

Rosie agrees to give Carmella $10,000 from Frazer’s compensation payout to help her set up her own business. But before she can tell Frazer, Toadie puts his foot in it by congratulating Frazer for being so generous.

Although Frazer is happy to let Carmella have the money, he reminds Rosie that she should have checked with him first. Worried she’s causing ructions in her sister’s marriage, Carmella turns the offer down, insisting she’ll get the cash another way.