Riley and Steve are pumped up for the Dingo’s footy try-outs. But a mysterious newcomer from Riley’s past stirs up some inner demons and Riley ends up embroiled in an on-field row with Frazer. Steve takes his son to task, before letting him know he can talk to him any time, but Riley isn’t yet prepared to reveal why he is so angry.

Rosie and Frazer struggle to come to terms with the fact that there is no baby with Rosie choosing to reject the diagnosis and trust her instincts. She finds an ally in Sam, but her conviction alarms Frazer who is convinced she is in denial. Finding it tough to deal with his emotions in grieving for a child they appear to have never had, Frazer finds himself even more challenged by Rosie’s attitude, which is threatening their relationship.

After learning of Frazer and Rosie’s tragic news, Dan and Sam’s relationship reaches a new level of intimacy. But Sam struggles to trust her own feelings.