Miranda worries when she discovers Riley is flat hunting and is dismayed to learn that Steve supports the idea, concerned they are giving Riley the impression that they don’t want him at Number 26. Steve argues that Riley needs his freedom, and Miranda is relieved when he announces he’s found a flat five minutes away from Ramsay Street.

Declan is forced to fake concern for Richard in order for him to accept his offer of organ donation. Meanwhile, Oliver tries his best to get their civil case against Richard to court and begs Toadie to let him talk directly to Karen. He manages to convince her to testify about how she lived in fear of Richard for years.

Rebecca is thrilled at the news but warns Oliver that Richard could die before the trial. And when she hears of Declan’s proposal to donate a kidney, she refuses to let her son risk his life.

Tortured by visions of leaving someone to die in the Lassiter’s fire, Paul visits his psychiatrist who tells him he needs to investigate his past in order to rid himself of his demons. But Elle begs Paul to leave his skeletons in his closet.