Riley is dumped

Riley regrets his illicit kiss with his aunt Nicola even more when she refuses to end the dangerous game she’s playing. But he can’t resist her, and Heather finds Riley and Nicola in a compromising position. Heather unceremoniously dumps him, witnessed by a curious Steve and Miranda. Riley is devastated but does he have the strength to turn Nicola away?

Bridget’s intimacy fears cause her to act strangely, worrying when Ringo reveals he is going to hire a hotel room with his birthday money. Ringo is concerned about how she really feels about him. Nicola offers Bridget some advice, telling her that she shouldn’t get involved in serious relationships at her age.

Bridget ends up determined to get ‘it’ over with and throws herself at Ringo. But Ringo is confused by her mixed messages and ends the relationship, leaving Bridget devastated.

Carmella confesses her credit card debt to Marco. He tries to sell the General Store but Elle offers him a loan. Carmella argues against accepting help from Ellle, but Marco stands firm, forcing Carmella to live with the consequences of her debt.

Also, Rebecca realises Elle is more enamored with Oliver than she claims to be. Sure enough, Elle and Oliver later get back together.