Miranda and Steve are devastated to learn that Riley feels they never wanted him, and try to reassure him, begging him to stay. Riley prepares to leave, but can’t get his car to start, so gives up and heads to Charlie’s. He ends up confiding in Elle, who’s feeling equally alienated from the new family at number 22.

Elle suggests Riley give his parents another chance and Miranda and Steve are thrilled when Riley takes Elle’s advice on board and returns home. The three of them then agree to try and make things work.

Ned is heartbroken to hear that Mickey wants to go to Adelaide with his mum, although he’s oblivious to the fact that Kirsten has manipulated Mickey into his decision. Ned vows to accept his son’s wishes without a fight and promises his son a final fun day in Erinsborough. But as Mickey prepares to leave, Ned breaks down.

Mickey is stunned to see his dad crying and tells Janae that Kirsten had promised Ned wouldn’t be upset by his departure. Realising Mickey has been manipulated, furious Ned and Janae tell Kristen that they’re going to fight for Mickey.