Ring of ire

Nancy has kept her engagement to Harry a secret from Gus. But he discovers her ring hidden at home. Desperate for money, Gus sells the ring at a jewellery shop and is spotted by Princess Marie, who recognises him as the architect of the Selfridge Estate.
However, she’s shocked to hear him being called by a different name and decides to do some digging.
Shaken by the close shave with Princess Marie, Nancy finally confesses to Gus that she truly loves Harry. She suggests they can build the Estate for real and Gus can flee to America on his own while she becomes the new Mrs Selfridge.
Meanwhile, Harry executes the second stage of his grand plan to boost shareholders profits: An enormous flash sale. However, Selfridge’s competitors are less than happy and, as things heat up, George Towler is hired as a new Head of Security.
Lord Loxley is furious when he discovers that his ex-wife Mae is set to remarry and takes his anger out on Harry by riling the other board members to demand an emergency board meeting. Harry, knowing they mean to oust him, wriggles out of it using a little-known clause. However, this allows Loxley to hammer home his point – Harry must go!