When Donna finds out that her mother’s true agenda is to snag Paul Robinson, she confronts her and is shaken to find nothing’s changed in their relationship. Ringo struggles to deal with sleeping in Zeke’s bedroom so Susan decides to pack up Zeke’s belongings. During the clean-out, Susan discovers photos of Donna and wonders if he had a secret crush on her?

Susan makes the mistake of asking Ringo about them, and Ringo can’t contain his jealousy and accuses Donna of cheating on him. With her mother’s reappearance, Donna reverts to old habits and lies when Ringo accuses her of cheating on him. If he thinks she did, then she did, is her answer, leaving Ringo devastated that his best friend and his girlfriend would go behind his back.

Meanwhile, Cass Freedman, otherwise known as ‘Sass’, has been warmly welcomed by most of Ramsay Street’s male residents, however she’s got a few of the girl’s backs up already with Sam and Cass locking heads the moment they set eyes on each other.

Cass thinks Sam will get in the way of her plans to seduce Paul and she finds the perfect way to silence her – a secret that could destroy everything Sam holds dear.

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