Ringo agrees to get help

Frazer realises Ringo needs serious professional help for his eating disorder but Ringo tries to persuade Frazer that they can handle things by themselves. With no choice, Frazer calls on their mum Prue, who storms into town and issues her son with an ultimatum: either Ringo starts counselling at school, or he goes home with her. Desperate to stay in Erinsborough, Ringo agrees to talk to Dan Fitzgerald.

Steph manages to calm a panic-stricken Toadie at the office, and he admits he fears he’s not a good enough lawyer to keep Susan out of jail. Steph says he should ditch the case, but Toadie doesn’t want to let Susan down. After hearing about Toadie’s panic attacks from Steph, Susan tries but fails to persuade Toadie to step down from her case for the sake of his health. On the morning of the trial, Toadie realises that if he doesn’t turn up, the court will be forced to grant an adjournment, giving Susan more time to find another lawyer. Will Toadie sacrifice his career to save Susan?

Also, Marco offers the Cammeniti sisters the use of the Silvani farmhouse for a much needed mini-break. But Rosie and Carmella discover more about Marco than they bargained for…

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