With Donna and Lucas being stopped by the police, Ringo is left wondering where his bride-to-be is. When a police car arrives at the church Ringo thinks the worst, but he is relieved to see Donna stepping out of the car!

The wedding goes ahead without any further hitches and they all head back to Charlie’s which Paul has decorated like a fairytale wonderland. Donna is thrilled and the party is in full swing. Lucas and Michael bet on who can woo the fist single lady, but when they see Libby, they quickly cancel the bet. However, when Libby finds out she is none too pleased and pours a drink down Lucas’s shirt.

Later, Libby drives Lucas back to change his shirt and after some harmless flirting, they end up kissing!

Andrew, believing he saved Lassiters by keeping an eye on Declan, tells Paul he’s leaving school so he can start up a business. When Paul tells him it’s a bad idea and that he has no idea how to run a business, Andrew is angry and tells Paul he owes him a job.

Fuelled by Natasha’s stirring, Andrew makes a call to access details of Paul’s will. When Paul finds out he is furious and informs Andrew that as of tomorrow he is no longer in his will. Andrew tells Summer he wishes Paul was dead.

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