Ringo and Zeke remember Jessica

Summoning up the courage to meet Jessica’s mum, Ringo learns more about Jess but still can’t bring himself to attend her funeral. Instead he heads to St Kilda pier for his own private memorial and is surprised when all of Jessica’s friends turn up to remember her. United in grief, the kids all give Jessica the farewell she would have wanted.

With her contractions growing more intense, Carmella arrives at hospital with Marco. Oliver turns up, but with Marco around, feels a bit left out. As the labour progresses, the doctors soon realise that the baby is in distress. Carmella’s dream of a pain free, natural birth is shattered when the medical staff decide they have to deliver her baby immediately.

Janae delivers the news that an inspection of the house has been arranged for that afternoon. But, the Parkers are dismayed to learn that the potential buyer, dodgy businessman Tim Collins, plans to build three townhouses on the site. Steve, Miranda and Ned are forced to put their heads together to try and find a way to beat him, although Steve appears to have a few delusions regarding money…

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday April 9*

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